The Fluxus Digital Collection is an online archive that gathers an eclectic range of artworks by one of the most important movements of the twentieth century.The group’s members are famous for their creation of ephemeral and genre-blurring “intermedia” artworks, their performance events, and the international networks they forged to facilitate creative collaboration.

The University of Iowa Libraries houses an impressive collection of Fluxus art and ephemera, including works by internationally acclaimed artists Ken Friedman, John Cage, Dick Higgins, George Maciunas, Yoko Ono, Mieko Shiomi, Nam June Paik, George Brecht, Robert Filliou, Ay-O, Dieter Roth, Joseph Beuys, Milan Knizak, Shigeko Kubota, among others.





Co-Director, with Dee Morris

Together with Professor Dee Morris, we will launch an online archive called the Counter Map Collection, a project exploring relations between mapmaking, aesthetics, activism, and digital media. Imagine, for instance, an animation map that transposes the effects of war-torn Baghdad onto San Francisco or one that visualizes incarceration rates by city block; imagine a map the size of a basketball court made of junk computer parts or one that plots memories inside Palestinian refugee camps.